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Arch-Rite Arch Kits: Low Cost Arch Kits that Transformed My Kitchen Doorways

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The following is a customer testimonial about his experience working with us and our product line. Enjoy!

Dear Arch-Rite,

Eyebrow Arch KitI used a couple of your arch kits in my recent home improvement project.  My wife loves them!  She thinks I’m a genius.  It made our 30 year old home look elegant again (along with new carpet and furniture). I’ve attached a few photos to this email.

I have very little construction and/or handyman experience and I was concerned about whether I could tackle a tough job like adding arches to two of my doorways.  Then I found your web-site.  Ordering was easy.  Your customer service reps answered all of my questions and I received my arch kits a few days after ordering.  The instructions were crystal clear.  I also watched your on-line videos for help before starting.  I had both arch kits installed in less than 30 minutes.

On a side note, I couldn’t believe that your arch kits were so inexpensive.

I had researched a few other companies’ arch kits, but they were at least twice as expensive.  (They also looked more complicated.)

Arch-Rite Arch Kit

Arch-Kit by Arch-Rite finished out

Thanks, Arch-Rite for a great product that made my job easier.  My only problem now is that my wife wants me to put one of your dome kits in!

J. Ridgeway  l  San Jose, CA

Transforming Doorways into Archways l Beautiful Archways in Minutes

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

arch-rite archwaysHave you ever thought about sprucing up your home by converting your standard doorways into beautiful archways?  If you have, then I bet you wondered what was involved in building archways.  This once daunting and costly task which used to be limited to skilled carpenters has now become a DIY project.  In a few easy steps you can affordably, quickly, and easily transform your doorways into beautiful archways with Arch-Rite.

Archways from Arch-Rite are extremely affordable.  For just $29.95 you can transform 3ft doorways into beautiful archways.  We are by far the most affordable choice on the market. There are a few other prefabbed archways,archways by Arch-Rite but the others are very costly, at a minimum double our cost if not 10 times more expensive.  Furthermore, we are the only provider of wood framing archways.  This might not mean a lot to you now, but this is very important. The reason homes are constructed using wood and not metal or plastic is due to the ease and cost.  Because we our the only manufacturer of wood framing archways due to our patent, we are the easiest and most affordable solution for your archways.

elliptical archwaysArchways from Arch-Rite are quick & easy to install.  Most DIYers can install our archways in than 10 minutes, in most cases sooner.  See how easy it is for yourself by reading our 6 step by step instructions in creating your beautiful archways.


Step 1: Measure the width of your doorway.

Step 2: Mark the center of the header.

Step 3: Mark down from the header your desired rise.

Installing Archways

Installing Archways Step 2

Installing Archways with Arch-Rite

Step 4: Align each pre-cut half of the archway to the rise mark.  Either nail or screw into  place.  

Step 5: Nail or screw each half into the header.

Step 6: It’s that Easy!  Remember, now use the arch as a template to cut your drywall.

Installing ArchwaysArchwaysArchways Made Easy___________________________________________________________

Adding archways to your homes is now a DIY project!  It is a great way to modernize your home and eliminate those hard lines created by standard doorways.  Now that Archways made easy!