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Arched Doorways l Easily added to any new or existing home!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Arched doorways are very common in new home construction and we see various types of these archways being used. Archways in between doorways are usually Half-Rounds (half of a circle), Ellipticals (comprised of 2 different radii) or Eyebrows (segment of a circle). These arches all give a unique and elegant feature to any home.

The eyebrow arch is the most popular of the 3 different archways and may be found in many new and existing homes. The reason for their popularity is due to 3 main aspects.

The first is due to the subtle rise of the arch. This subtle rise gives a home a softer more contemporary look and feel. 2nd aspect of their popularity is that it matches many of the more popular arched top windows. Keeping a theme through out a home is very important, and matching your arched doorways to your windows is one great way to do that. Lastly, eyebrow archways are easily added to any doorway and are not constrained by the arch’s rise. The rise fits the customer’s needs. For example, if I have want an arched doorway and my header for that doorway is 8’-0” but I only want my archway to drop 12” to keep at 7’-0” off the floor then an eyebrow arch is the perfect choice. With eyebrow arches, the customer has the ability to adjust the rise if needed.

Whether you’re adding an arched doorway to a new home or an existing home, Arch-Rite has the right Arched Doorway Kit for you!