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Half-Round Arch Kits Elliptical Arch Kits Eyebrow Arch Kits Dome Kits Special
Half-Round archways are a perfect half circle, as the name implies. This style of archway is often associated as bringing a Spanish feel to a home.
Elliptical archways have two distinct radii. A gentle radius in the center with a tighter radius in the corners. This style of archway is often associated with bringing an elegant and lavish feel to a home.
Eyebrow archways are section (chord) of a larger circle. This archway has often been associated with bringing a modern and contemporary feel to a home.
Dome ceilings are an elegant way to add that special touch to an entry, dining room, game room, master bedroom, master bathroom or a living room.
We can build arched designs for your specific needs. Barrel vaults, radius tray ceilings, or coved ceilings.
What archway style suits me best?
If you want consistency, then take a look at your arch-top windows. Are they half-round, elliptical, or eyebrow?

Can I have several different styles of archways in my home.
Yes! The most common scenario for having different archway styles in one home is having half-round and elliptical archways together. These archways blend well, and allow homeowners to span greater opening widths without enroaching too far down the header.
What is the header height of
the opening you are looking to
Keep in mind that half-round archways come down from the header half the width of the opening (Ex. for a width of 3', a half round archway would come down 1-6"), ellipticals archways 10-15", and eyebrow archways 5-12". How much can you afford to give up? Keep in mind, that the spring point (the point where the archway hits the stud as measured from the floor the header) should be no less than 7'.
Still trying to decide?

Watch our introduction video to
view a close up of the 3 styles.